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21 of Bethel Street’s Best Dishes, Desserts and Extra

Biang biang noodles from Jiu Thai Asian Café


Biang Biang Noodles

If there’s one bucket-list dish on Bethel, it’s the biang biang noodles from Jiu Thai Asian Café, the place homeowners Leo Xia and Emma Bian concentrate on delicacies from China’s Shaanxi Province. These lengthy, beltlike noodles are handmade, combined with greens and a flavorful chile oil, then topped with thinly sliced beef and cilantro. A drizzle of vinegar makes the entire thing go … bang. The place to search out it: Jiu Thai Asian Café, 787 Bethel Street

Traditional Crossing Bridge Rice Noodle Soup

This distinctive store focuses on a build-your-own soup that hails from Yunnan Province in Southwest China. Right here’s the way it works: Very like Chinese language sizzling pot, you begin with a boiling pot of broth. Noodles and components corresponding to thinly sliced beef and veggies are served individually on a platter. Then you definately merely “cross the bridge” by transferring your components to the fragrant broth. The place to search out it: Yun Nan Crossing Bridge Noodle, 2548 Bethel Street

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